My Projects

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I enjoy building and modifying electric guitar effects pedals in my never-ending quest for the ultimate tone. Some of the vintage circuits I have built are the Arbiter Fuzz Face, Dallas Range Master and the Colorsound Tonebender MKII. More contemporary circuits include the MXR Distortion+, ProCo Rat and ZVex Super Hard On. When necessary I create my own PCB solder masks from scratch or from available ready-to-print sources, then I etch, drill and populate each board by hand. I have also modified wah pedals with inductor upgrades and component changes, created and installed buffer circuits, and done other free-style component mods in chorus pedals, phasers etc. Some of my builds are used by the guitarists in my favorite local band One Way Ryde.

Recently, I have been using ready-to-solder boards from popular DIY sources with impressive results. The following represent completed builds as well as current works in progress, and I will post photos as the projects take shape.


                Stage 3 Booster V4

                MKC1 V2 - Best Moddable Klone (Klon Centaur Clone)


                        Gut Shot (before wiring)

                MyTon Blonde V3

                        PCB board (populated)


                        Gut Shot

                SHO 'Nuff V2


                        Gut Shot

               Stage 357 V3 - Ultimate Stage

                        PCB board (populated)

               Paramix V4

               3PDT Buffer V2



               Aristocrat (aNaLoG Man King of Tone clone)

                        PCB board - etched, drilled and ready to populate

                                            PCB board partially populated

                        Enclosure - Hammond 1790 in Rootbeer Gold-fleck

                                            Ready To Wire

                                            Outside View


                        Bill of Materials

                        Build Document

            Green Bean - (Ibanez Tube Screamer variant ala TS808, TS9, Rockbox Boiling Point)




            La Vache (Lovepedal Les Lius clone)

                        PCB board (etched - ready to drill and populate)

                        Front and Gut Shot

            Neutrino (Lovepedal Eternity "Burst" clone)


                        Gut Shot




                Clean Drive (VooDoo Lab Sparkle Drive Clone)


                Steaming Kettle (Rockbox Boiling Point  (TS808 Tube Screamer) Clone)

                        #1 - Front

                        #1 - Gutshot

                        #2 - Front

                        #2 - Gutshot

                        #2 - Board (close-up)

                        #3 - Front

                        #3 - Gutshot

                Blend Pedal




                Refractor (another Klon Centaur clone)

                            Populated Boards

                Halo (multi-version Electro Harmonix Big Muff)

                Cerulean Overdrive (another Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal clone)

                Titan (a Fulltone OCD clone)

                Azimuth (Hermida Zendrive clone)

                Procyon (BJFE Honey Bee clone)



                Candyman (a part-for-part clone of Paul Cochrane's "Timmy" Overdrive)


                        Gut Shot

                Joy Drive (a "Dumble in a box" clone)

                Enlightened Drive (another Dumble amp-in-a-box clone of the famous Lovepedal Zendrive)

                Throb Tremelo (Schaller TR-68 Trem clone)


  • echo-base-pcb.jpg

                Tap Tempo Tremelo