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Chord generator at
chord house guitar room (advanced) -- online guitar chords and scales
guitar chord generator by cranwell
Guitar Chord Library - Your Guitar Guide!
ukulele mandolin banjo chords generator

Tools - Software

Cakewalk - Tech Support - FAQs
Cakewalk Technical Support Home page
GUITAR [Shareware Music Machine]
Leo's DJ Helper Tutorial
SofAmp Virtual Sound Plugin
The Ultimate Cakewalk CAL Archive



A minor pentatonic scales and the guitar fretboard. - Lessons - Chords - Scales
Advanced Guitar Links
Aminor pentatonic
Black Belt Guitar Academy
Blues Boxes - MTFG-Music Theory for Guitar
Bob's guitar playing tips and tabs
Chops Builders at Fender Players Club
Dan's Guitar Stuff
Drop-D Chord Studies
Easy Songs For Beginners - Feelin' Alright - Create - Make Music - Guitar Axis Quick Tips
Fender Players Club - Home Page
Free Guitar Columns by David Hodge
Give A Little Bit @ Guitar Noise
Guitar Case Talent Showcases & Open Mic Nites
Guitar Columns - Tricks Of The Trade
Guitar Lessons LIVE on the web
Guitar Lessons
Guitar Noise Free Online Guitar Lessons, Tablature, Exclusive Interviews, Advice on Careers, S
Guitar - links, lessons,
Guitar Secrets Lead Guitar online Guitar Lessons
Guitar Secrets School of Music - Lessons - Scales - Chords - Lead
Guitar Tuition @ Marshall Amplification plc - info - Your guitar guide! - Guitar Theory Knowledge Base - The Principles of Correct Practice - Your place to jam out!
Learning to Improvise
Lesson 39 The Jimi Hendrix Style
Mark Wingfield - Techniques Guitar lessons that don't suck
MTFG-Music Theory for Guitar
MusicStaff Online Guitar Lessons
Riff Interactive
Rock Candy Interactive
Scale Patterns - Interactive
Sonic Arts
The Essential Guitar Guide
Vocal Release Voice Lessons with Eric Frey
WordGuitar Lessons