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FAQs and General Info

Acoustic Guitar Central Aging a guitar with vibrations
DGB Studio for Guitar Players & Guitar Builders
Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Care and Playing Tips
guitar shielding
GuitarNuts(tm) Home Page
Harmony Central® Guitars, Wood, and Tone
How to buy a guitar
Musician's Tech Central
Setting Up Your Guitar
Shavano Music Online - Do It Yourself Construction Articles
Tip File Basic Guitar Setup

Guitar Manufacturers

C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.
Fender Musical Instruments
Craig Southern, Luthier


Guitar Parts & Supplies

All Things Guitar - The Amazing New Fender Strap Button
Allparts Home Page
Angela Instruments Online Catalog
Double Treble - Fine Guitar Straps
El Dorado Guitar Straps
Fender Footwear
Gruhn Guitars
Guitar Center, Inc.
Guitar Lesson Videos and Online Tab - Metal Method
Parts is Parts
Guitar Yahoo Guitar Shopping Site
Interstate Music
Mojo Musical Supply
Mr Gearhead
Parts is Parts -
Torres Engineering
Warmoth Guitar Products, Inc.
Welcome to Monster

Guitar Sites - General

Acoustic Guitar Central Home for all Acoustic Music
Advanced Guitar Links
GM Arts Home Page
Guitar - All Things Guitar - On-line Guitar Magazine
Guitar Files - Wah Wah mod for better tone
Guitar Noise
GuitarNuts(tm) Home Page
Harmony Central® Main Menu - Musicians Web Center
The Guitar Noise Top 100
The Ultimate Guitar Place
The WWW Guitar Advisor
Zebra Music

Les Paul Stuff

Basic Guitar Setup Tips


Buttload of Guitar Links


Pickups & Wiring

Build Your Own Effects
guitar Avoiding Onstage Shocks mpc
Guitar Wiring 101
GuitarNuts(tm) Home Page
Mike's guitar wiring tips and tricks
STEWMAC.COM Wiring 101
Wiring FAQs

Strat Stuff

Fender Talk - Fender Guitar Player Discussion Message Page Guitar Forum
SRVs Setup
Strat Appreciation Page
Stratocaster Appreciation Page
The Stratocaster Appreciation Page
Vintage Guitars Info

Vintage Info

Antique Vintage Guitars collector info - collecting old VINTAGE GUITARS
Dating Martin, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Gibson, Guild, G&L, & Fender Guitars & Amps